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Why Service Here

A common misconception, and something we often hear is: "It's more expensive to service at the dealership". More often than not, the opposite is true. It is actually LESS expensive to service your vehicle at the dealership! How can that be?? Below are a few examples explaining why it is more economical to service your vehicle right here:

Our E-VIP Program saves you money by emailing you money-saving coupons and newsletters, keeping you informed and saving you cash!

Our "Automated Advisor" keeps track of critical service intervals and sends you an email when the time is right, helping you keep your vehicle in tip-top condition!

Our factory trained technicians know your vehicle. We know where to look when your vehicle isn't just right, saving costly diagnostic time and saving you money!

We install Mopar factory parts and accessories, insuring a quality fit and the performance you expect, often for less money!

Our routine maintenance comes with a complimentary 24-Point inspection, complete with a vehicle condition checklist, keeping you up-to-date on your vehicle needs. This helps you to correct small issues before they become bigger, more expensive issues!

We maintain all of your service records and keep your factory recommended services up-to-date, helpful if there is ever a warranty concern.

We employ the latest technology, supported directly from the factory, allowing us to fix it right the first time and get you back on the road quickly. We provide all of of these time-saving services to you, often for less than you would pay at an independent provider!

Look for our service specials for money-saving coupons. Our ability to maintain and repair your vehicle quickly and correctly can save you time and money. Our never-ending monthly service specials are designed to save you money and be integrated with your maintenance schedule, allowing you to time your visits with value in mind. Remember: A well maintained vehicle is not only a money-saver and a time-saver, but can also be a life saver!